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Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague is a traditional centre of Czech scholarship. Faculty of Arts, nam. [3], The faculty was founded as the Faculty of Liberal Arts of Charles University by Emperor Charles IV on April 7, 1348, part of the emperor's attempt to establish the Kingdom of Bohemia as the permanent centre of the Holy Roman Empire and to place greater emphasis on the development of learning and culture in Prague. For example Socinema, a series of movie screenings followed by a discussion with an invited expert (and later by a pub session). B. Tyrell Historical Medal from the Royal Society of Canada The faculty was divided into Czech and German parts in 1882, and the Faculty of Natural Sciences became a separate institution between 1920-1939. 1 (2012): 231–247. Get all info about the school, programs and application process. The First Faculty of Medicine is an essential and integral part of Charles University Prague right from its establishment by the King of Bohemia and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Charles the Fourth in 1348. The faculty provides lectures in the widest range of fields of the humanities in the Czech Republic, and is the only university faculty in Europe which provides studies in all the official languages of the European Union. Charles University. Jana Palacha in the colours of the Czech tricolour on 17 September at 17:11. 131 likes. [8] The faculty is composed of 46 basic working units and six specialized working units, as well as two scholarly research institutes (the Czech Institute of Egyptology and the Institute of the Czech National Corpus). Schools & Centres include: School of Communication and Creative Industries Save time and contact the school here! Jana Palacha in the colours of the Czech tricolour on 17 September at 17:11. Jana Palacha in the colours of the Czech tricolour on 17 September at 17:11. Length of studies (in years): Application type: Online (1016) Paper (374) Special: Possible admission without entrance examination (323) Only those programmes/branches of study for which an electronic application can currently be submitted (771) Charles University was founded in the year 1348. These were complemented in the 19th century by oriental studies, archaeology, religious studies, and philology. Czech Republic. Studia Ethnologica Pragensia 3, no. In 1366, Emperor Charles IV endowed it with the first Prague college, the Collegium Carolinum; as part of the college, the first library of the artistic faculty was established, of manuscripts donated by the king.[4]. The faculty has around 1,000 members of staff, over 9,000 students, and a flexible system of more than 700 possible d… Vietnamese Admirers of Czech Literature May Read the First Two Volumes of Å vejk in Their Native Language 15.11.2020 During more than 670 years of its existence it has undergone a number of changes, periods of glory and stagnation. The Faculty of Arts & Philosophy at Charles University in Prague on Academia.edu Following the end of the occupation in 1945, the Faculty of Arts flourished again for a few years; this was forcibly terminated in 1948 by the Communist coup in 1948. They conduct high quality, transparent and reproducibile research and promote ideas of open science in academia as well as among the general public. 116 36. At that time, students attended the Faculty of Liberal Arts to receive education primarily in rhetorics and philosophy, later going on to pursue other subjects. Ovocný trh 5. In the PLESS laboratory, they aim to set the principles of open and trustworthy science as standards of doing research in Czech Republic. the Czech Republic, recipients of scholarships from the Charles University Rectorate, the Faculty of Arts or other cultural institutions and paying students. From the 17th century, the faculty was known as the Faculty of Arts and, until the middle of the 19th century, its programme served as a compulsory preparatory higher education for future students of all the other faculties. Prague 1. Web page: http://www.ff.cuni.cz/home/students/student-life/student-associations-clubs/socka-society-students-sociology/, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spoleksocka/, CU Point - Centre for Information, Counselling and Social Services. E-mail: 182 00 Praha 8 - Libeň. The Faculty of Arts & Philosophy at Charles University, Prague on Academia.edu document.write("