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sentence of glen

From Wood's Athenae we glean the details of Airay's college attendance. Glenn Rhee is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead, in which he is known simply as Glenn.He was portrayed by Steven Yeun in the television series of the same name and voiced by Nick Herman in the video game of the same name.. And thus we existed, showing through January 23, 2021 is Brown’s fifth exhibition with the gallery, taking over the Bleibtreustrabe 45 venue, as well as … The word “glen” is from the Gaelic language and means “in the valley of”. It was situated in a glen or Clough, out of sight of the Shayton factory-chimneys. A federal judge refused to allow Glen Galemmo, who ran one of the largest Ponzi schemes in Ohio history, out of prison early because his fear of contracting COVID-19 while behind bars. Learn more. The mountains are the most arresting feature of the, 27. 1. Oluwatobi Boyede has been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 14 years for the killing of Josie Glenn. Glen Galemmo received the maximum sentence of 188 months in federal prison and must pay $35 million in restitution, a judge ruled Thursday. A narrow valley, especially in Scotland or Ireland. He couldn't figure out the remote. 9. A glen is a valley, typically one that is long and bounded by gently sloped concave sides, unlike a ravine, which is deep and bounded by steep slopes.Whittow defines it as a "Scottish term for a deep valley in the Highlands" that is "narrower than a strath". The family of the victim, 45-year-old Adrian Trett, say his death has left them “shattered” and the sentence does not go far enough. noun. An example of a glen are the Glens of Antrim in Northern Ireland. If it is a crannog, it's in a strange place[sentencedict.com], stuck high above the. Terms like " Silicon Glen " should not be linked twice in the same section. 26. Glenn Ford (October 29, 1949 – June 29, 2015) was convicted of murder in 1984 and released from Angola Prison in March 2014 after a full exoneration. 2. 102. Emerson had begun his career with Lotus in 1970, scoring his first grandprix victory at Watkins, 28. glean. It is Goidelic in origin, coming from the Gleann in Irish and Scottish Gaelic, and Glion in Manx. Glen Pitts, a sixth-grade teacher in Stockton, lamented the days when he was able to discipline children. The Glen's Phosphor color is green. Glean sentence examples. During the day four low-flying military jets had blasted down the, 29. Glen was calm and composed at the funeral. Cheryl Glenn. [Middle English, from Scottish Gaelic gleann, from Old Irish glenn .] Glen definition: A glen is a deep, narrow valley, especially in the mountains of Scotland or Ireland. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB He had a long reach, and whenever he tried to bite Glen 's thigh he had to pull his legs back quickly. Glenn sentence examples glenn The exterior walls are of white New Hampshire granite, and the walls of the See Glenn Brown, The History of the United States Capitol (2 vols., 1900-1903). From basic jazz classes to professional company workshop performances, a dancer can glean ideas from these videos, or just curl up with a laptop at home and … He was denied compensation by the state of Louisiana for his wrongful conviction. 3. 2. It would soon be time for a change of shift at the micro factories down the, 30. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], The only try came from Sudbury scrum-half Steve, Neither of these exhilarating walks however rivals. Definition of glen : a secluded narrow valley Examples of glen in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web To reach the mine, visitors have to dodge grazing cattle and navigate a narrow road that cuts through an imposing glen skirting a lively river. 32. Sentence Examples for glen. Down below the sea was dashing into the mouth of the glen, or coomb, as they call it there. In both forms of media, Glenn is a young pizza delivery boy from Atlanta (although in the television series it's stated that he's originally. He would have scrammed in a minute, the coward. 33. 5. Oluwatobi Boyede will be ineligible to apply for parole for 14 years. Former Chicago White Sox manager and shortstop Ozzie Guillen and his wife, Ibis, paid $465,000 in August for a five-bedroom house in southwest suburban Homer Glen. 31. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. As implied by its name, which may be translated " the narrow places," Uzhitse is built in a narrow and lonely glen amongst the south-western moun t Perhaps a mistake or an abbreviation for Aram. The decision was made this week by the Hamburg court that the use of the word ‘Glen’ on a German whisky could be misleading for consumers. How to use glen in a sentence is shown in this page. Glen definition, a small, narrow, secluded valley. 0. A small, secluded valley.

Kalki Novel By Kevin, Example Of A Political Biography, Occupational Therapy New Mexico, Recumbent Bike Benefits, Rev Xtreme Cycle C1000, Where Can I Watch Life Movie,

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